Actolab with Sushama Deshpande

‘Learn from the Legends Series’

Actolab with Sushama Deshpande

According to her “Theatre is a great medium of change.”

After almost 35 years of exploring theatre, writer, director, actor and in true sense a theatre activist for a cause, Sushama Deshpande has her own unique process which guides each and every participant to go deep inside one’s self to discover the actor, writer and the director within.

Acting is all about the process then why to misguide ourself adapting to someone else’s process when we can discover our own.

With the fellow participants you will gain excess to this process which will develop a completely new approach towards understanding and building the character’s psychology, it’s own voice, body language and other aspects.

Working together with Sushama Deshpande opens up another realm of awareness.

It was a weekend workshop for two months started from 21st of September to 17th of November 2019.

Second edition of ‘Actolab with Sushama Deshpande’ will be announced soon!